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DJ DWills ( USA )

Di’Nia Campbell aka DJ DWills

Although DJ DWills is new on the DJ scene, music has always been a huge part of her life. Growing up in a small town north of Chicago, she was exposed to a lot of different music genres but house music reigned supreme.
While in college at Central State University, she majored in communications, radio and TV and was the music director for the college radio station. DJ DWills has always thought of herself as a musical curator coming up with playlists for friends’ parties or even being that go to person for suggestions on what music is hot.
For years she wanted to DJ but never took the necessary steps to do so until after becoming a mom for the first time in her forties. Wanting to do something different and deciding to take a chance, she enrolled in Scratch Academy in 2018 and has been slowing making her talents known by djing small engagements in the Atlanta area.
Having lived in Atlanta since the early 90s, DJ DWills has witnessed the music scene explode, opening opportunities to pursue her dreams as a DJ and beyond. Her passion for music is the driving force behind wanting to strive to be a contender in this male dominated arena. Her mission is to inspire other women of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their dreams no matter where they are in life.

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