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The Blend Princess of Brooklyn

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Dj Big Body

I am called “The Blend Princess of Brooklyn” also known as DJ Big Body and It’s no coincidence that my love and passion for music would be recognized and felt by the crowd. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and coming from a musical family, I bring fire, originality and enthusiasm anytime I step behind the wheels of steel. A real crowd pleaser, because when people hear this party rocker, they don’t just hear the music, they feel it in their soul!

From the moment I get in a groove, you feel my mixes come to life, that your head’s nodding, toe tapping, you find yourself stuck on the dance floor.

I love all genres of music and doing all types of events from birthday parties to weddings, etc. However, there is a special place in my heart for cooperate and community events and yet no matter the event, I stand out among the crowd of DJ’s both men and women. I am a true role model for younger female DJ’s that have the very same fire and desire for the art form that drives me to be that DJ everyone loves and respects.

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