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DJ Titico ( Brasil )

Titico ( Brasil )

Hello, My name is Jailson Costa, better known by DJ Titico.

I am soteropolitan, Baiano born in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. I started my career as a DJ in 1988 with a musical genre born in the United States in the 1980s (Freestyle). I used to go to clubs and dance parties and parties, where I met influential people in the disc jockey world. I started to like House Music listening to the House versions of the freestyle records, it was passion the first laugh music. I’m a fan of producers DJ Spen, Richard Earnshaw, Frankie Knuckles, Little Loui Vega, it was easy to like house music like that. laughs laughs. I am currently working on an excellent European project, under the dominion of Master Ted Peters in his web Radio: soulfulradio.com, and other projects here in Brazil with presentations in parks, cocktail parties and picnics. So I follow my path where the big star is MUSIC.


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