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Dj Maurizio D’adduzio


I have always been a lover of Jazz and Soul Music. My passion for music started very early, in the
70s, listening to great Artists such as Al Jarreau, George Benson, Barry White, Quincy Jones,

Eumir Deodato, Earth Wind & Fire that influenced my musical taste and that allowed me, as self-
taught, to start playing various musical instruments … As a “Music Selector” i edited program

schedules in radio stations and music playlists for events and parties. Recently i have been
dedicating myself, more and more, to my great passion, that of mixing … My “ESSENTIAL MIX”
is a project born in 2016. It is an innovative “Musical Container”, with the most refined and
enveloping Jazzy Sounds for listening and dancing. “Smooth Jazz”, “Jazzy House” and “Soulful
House” Music, selected and mixed by me, with the aim of alternating and combining, at the same
time, the Jazz sounds, for listening, with the House sounds, more dance , characterized by a strong
Jazz, Funk and Soul influence. In my mixes there are also the “Broken Beat” and “Nu
Jazz”rhythms , which i particularly love. Each Mix is an “Emotional Journey”, listening to the
more “Cool” Music, which aims to “get straight to the heart” of the listener … For years my
ESSENTIAL MIX has been broadcast, with weekly appointments, on various italian and, above all,
foreign Radios / Web Radios … USA, Spain, Greece, England. Happy listening to all, my Friends…
Un Saluto. Maurizio

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